Lunch Date at Life Grand Cafe! 

In true Father’s Day fashion, the family took the old ball and chain out for a lunch date. And as we do when our country is in junk status – we dine at one of my most favorite places – Life Grand Cafe at the Mall of the South. 

Now I’m one of those that set foot into a restaurant, give the spot a once over and immediately make a decision on the kind of service we’ll receive, depending of course on how many bums are on seats. 

As we were shown to our table, I requested a table over at the sofas. If you’ve ever been to Life, you’ll know you need atleast 15 minutes to decide which meal you’re going to tantalize your tastebuds with. Dad opted for the tastey Fish Tacos (I insisted he placed his order with a Mexican accent) and was not disappointed. Mom went with a Lazy Breakfast, she’s a ‘play it safe’ kind of lunch guest and the kid brother went with the Steak Ciabatta. I opted for the Steak Salad. I love a good salad but even more so at Life – you get to create your own salad from a buffet of ingredients (and if you love your salad without the lettuce, like I do, you’ve hit the jackpot) – with a junk economy, who has money to waste on unnecessary toppings on your salad, right? 

Lunch was divine, the service impeccable and the ambience pure perfection. Not only are you distracted by the carefully selected pieces of decor, while you sink deeper into the sofa sipping on your chino but I found it incredibly difficult to stop myself from bopping my head to the fine selection of beats. Even the old ball and chain piped up with a comment: ‘Oh this is nice – sounds like Black Coffee’. Yes, he is a 59 year old Black Coffee fan – huh! 

If you love good food, portions so big you will need to request a take away and amazing service – Life Grand Cafe is the spot for you! 

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