Bucket List – Summit Everest. 

In life, there are two kinds of people: those who have ‘summit Mount Everest’ on their buck lists and well, me. 

I must admit, I’m a total over-achiever but there is a line. Summitting Everest is definitely on the other side of the line. Anyway, as we know I tend to wonder down the Internet rabbit hole of death – and of course, developed a keen interest in Green Boots and the other 200 odd dead bodies scattered on route to the peak. 

Because it is too dangerous to bring the deceased bodies down the mountains – the corpses remain in the same place they let out their last breath of air or in most cases, froze. This beckons the question: is this item on the bucket list not extreme absurdity? 

When planning anything in the 21st century, instinct tells you to Google what you are getting into. The dead bodies are no secret – if anything, a reality check. All reviews online make it clear that it is no easy task. Psychologists have pinned it down to an immense need for accomplishment or transformation. Others simply tackle the climb so they can boast about it later. Either way, it takes a special kind of person (with balls even Chuck Norris may envy) to enjoy and pursue such extreme sports. 

So go ahead, add it to your bucket list – cos I certainly don’t have the balls too!

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