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There’s a first time for everything – then there seems to be no time at all. And then you hear the words that hit you like a bullet to the heart – “one day you’ll wake up and it may be too late to wonder…”.

For the first time in 10 years, Wimpy has made its first brand ad, and boy does it hit home! The campaign seeks to encourage those who never have enough time, to make time for the ones that they love.

It poses the question of ‘When Last’?

So naturally I beginning asking myself the same questions:

When last did I make time for my best friend?

When last did I make time for myself?

When last did I make time to challenge my fears?

To read a book?

To visit my grandparents?

To do a good deed?

Most of us have grown up with Wimpy as the one stop on-route to a holiday destination, or the place you go to for a cup of bottomless coffee or quick brekkie with Mom whilst out shopping. It is a family brand, and understands the importance of what brings people together in their spaces. Through their ad, Wimpy has hit the nail on the head – identifying exactly what kind of message they are wanting to send out to their customers.

As a, ‘there is never enough time’ kind of person, always consumed by work (poor excuse, but it is my reality) – I’ve been reassessing my life for a while now. I’m always so open to messages from the universe, and although this is just another brand ad, it is one that resonates with the struggles I’m currently facing. But isn’t that ability to resonate with people what truly makes an ad phenomenal?

So here’s to fulfilling my list of ‘When Last’s?’ the Wimpy way, with the #MakeTime Challenge.


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