I’m wearing my 6 to 8!

So we all have those days, where getting out of bed is a complete mish – for one reason only. What the hell do I wear today?

I’m usually good at throwing something together, but a combination of burnout and exhaustion has got me looking like Mona Lisa (if you add a pair of really expensive bags under her eyes). Something had to be done, because people around me were starting to notice.

So, like millions of wannabes across the globe, I took to Pinterest. Generally a practical idea is to search for a product of clothing I already have in my wardrobe, that way I’m not being completely unrealistic about pulling off this look. The search results will pull up hundreds of ideas, which got me excited about my wardrobe again, along with a slight ray of hope that the Mona Lisa look I’ve been sporting will become a thing of the past.

Morning comes, and with very little enthusiasm for anything at this stage in my life, I fling open my wardrobe doors, select a few items for my fabulous look and chuck them on.

Hmm, ok. It kinda works, but I ain’t no Pinterest model. She’s not sporting bags under her eyes from her 9 to 5. She also doesn’t have curves in all the wrong places from poor eating habits (from her 9 to 5). Her 9 to 5 is also not a 6 to 8 so there are no traces of 14 hours days in her fabulous look.

Something’s got to give. The more I work myself into oblivion (because I’m just a complete over achiever) the more I realize, it’s not my wardrobe that sucks – it really just is my quality of life that’s completely shit. I’m wearing my 14 hour day, and it shows.

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