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My cousin really just lives what was meant by the expression, ‘the best life’. He was lucky enough to find his passion early on in life and has created a phenomenal life out of it. While most at his age, 22, are lost in the world, trying helplessly to find their feet – he is … Continue reading

Pride Month!

So I’ve managed to reach the bottom of the rabbit hole – as the Internet does to one. Skittles new campaign to ditch the rainbow in support of Pride Month has got a lot of very opinionated people running their mouths of all over social media. For the most part – the comments are positive … Continue reading


There’s a first time for everything – then there seems to be no time at all. And then you hear the words that hit you like a bullet to the heart – “one day you’ll wake up and it may be too late to wonder…”. For the first time in 10 years, Wimpy has made … Continue reading